The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Title: The Bone Season
Author: Samantha Shannon
Series: The Bone Season, #1

Paige Mahoney is a clairvoyant, a criminal by her very nature. With little choice, Paige has become entangled with a group of other clairvoyants called the Seven Seals under the leadership of Jaxon Hall. As a dreamwalker, Paige is able to sense other voyants and their abilities, making her a perfect watchdog for the criminal mime-lord. But Paige is more powerful than she knows and Nashira, the ruthless leader of the mysterious race of Rephaim, will do everything in her power to take control of her ability. Captured and put under the watchful eye of Arcturus, the Warden of the Mesarthim, Paige must find a way to harness her talent and escape with the other enslaved clairvoyants.

“A black tide of fear overwhelmed me. My spirit flew right out of my body…Before I knew what I was doing, I’d crashed into his dreamscape. Not just against it–into it, through it. I hurled his spirit into the æther, leaving his body empty.”

It’s difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what it was about The Bone Season that I didn’t like–it was more of a problem of feeling indifferent toward the characters and plot than an actual dislike. The infrastructure of the clairvoyant world is elaborate; there are no less than fifty different types of voyants. This in itself felt more like a congested explanation than a comprehensive description of the universe.

For all the details the author infuses into her book, there was a serious lack of time spent chronicling Paige’s time before she was taken. Paige feels the absence of her gang, but without delving into these relationships, as a reader I didn’t feel the same sort of absence. There are a few flashbacks that give glimpses of Paige’s life, but they failed to draw me in.

I can’t say that there are problems with the world Samantha Shannon has created, but I have a theory that more time was spent on the backdrop of the story than on the characters. There are only two characters in the book, including the protagonist herself, that we have the opportunity to really learn about, but after finishing the book, I don’t feel like I know either one of them.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon has been raved about since its release last year, so I was interested in finding out what was so intriguing. Unfortunately, even coming to the end of this review, I am puzzled as to why I didn’t connect with this book. And I find it incredibly ironic that a 452 page book can leave me wanting more and at the same time give me too much.

Rating: 2/5



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