Find Me by Romily Bernard

Find Me by Romily Bernard

Title: Find Me
Author: Romily Bernard
Series: Find Me, #1

Wick Tate and her sister, Lily, are foster kids who’ve been floating through the system ever since their mom committed suicide and their dad has been on the run from the cops. Now they’ve landed in the lap of the pristine couple, Bren and Todd. But no matter how perfect life with this new foster family seems, Wick cannot forget her past and the shadow of her father that follows her everywhere.

Then Wick finds a diary on her doorstep with the words “Find Me” written inside. The diary belongs to Tessa Waye, Wick’s former best friend, who just committed suicide. It soon becomes clear that Tessa was running away from an abusive relationship and her antagonist’s next victim is Wick’s little sister Lily. Now Wick must find out who Tessa was involved with before Lily becomes his next victim.

“She makes some impossibly small whimper…and I’m afraid he’ll hear it. He can’t. I know he can’t…I pull her closer and closer until I feel our bones meet through skin. We stand in the dark, and we watch him smile.”

Find Me‘s biggest problem is it’s predictability. In fact the two most significant twists are from the very beginning too obvious, making the rest of the novel rather dull. There are really no surprises when the mystery is finally unraveled and the entire sequence plays out like a urban legend.

Most of the novel’s characters are either too robotic or hardly flushed out. I found Wick’s foster mother, Bren, to be frighteningly robotic, a little too Stepford Wives-esque. In fact most of the adults are atrocious in one way or another. I even had a few issues with Wick herself. She comes across as this opinionated, no-nonsense kind of girl, but then she shrinks into this withering daisy that let’s her peers walk all over her. Are there no adults around at all to stop this?

Then there’s the mystery man in Tessa Waye’s life. Through her diary we learn he is an abusive, power-hungry psychopath. When Wick baits him by using Tessa’s Facebook page, he too readily shows his cards which I still don’t understand because it would make it a lot harder for him to get his hands on his next target.

The most redeeming part of this novel is that each chapter begins with a snippet from Tessa’s diary. I actually found these lines more compelling than the present story being told. In fact it might have been a better idea for the author to write this diary out as her novel.

Rating: 2/5



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