Hover by Melissa West

Hover by Melissa West

Title: Hover
Author: Melissa West
Series: The Taking, #2

Hover is the second book in Melissa West’s The Taking series. Ari, our intrepid heroine, finds herself on the planet Loge after the aftermath of humankind’s failed attack on the Ancients, an extraterrestrial race bent on inhabiting Earth.

“I’m left alone before the wall, no choice but to push aside doubts and trust…there is no time for second-guessing…no time for fear. There is no time for anything but action.”

I had really low expectations for GravityWest’s first novel in the series, so was so very surprised to find that I really enjoyed it. Based on this I came into Hover with high expectations and ended up extremely disappointed. Thanks to a number of editing issues, Hover seems more like an amateur’s venture into writing than a serious literary attempt.

At times it feels like Melissa West’s characters have been hijacked and made to dance to a song not meant for them. The first-person narrative works against the story because it simply enhances the strong disconnect between the characters and the reader. Most characters are presented as two-dimensional which isn’t surprising considering how much time is spent defining them.

I had a big problem with the antagonist Zeus. Reading the first book, I expected more from him. I pictured a diabolical genius who manufactured dreams and whose foresight made it incredibly easy for him to manipulate others. This wasn’t the case in Hover and I found myself thinking how hard it is to be intimidated by a thinly drawn persona.

Why was I so let down? Could it be that I gave the author’s first novel too much credit? Or does this book completely fail to live up to the former’s potential?

Overall, Hover felt like a sluggish second go in the series and I have serious doubts about checking out the next one.

Rating: 1/5


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